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Did you know that by the age of 3, 80% of all dogs and cats are showing signs of dental disease?  The number one way to reduce this risk is to have proper dental care, including dentals. During your veterinary wellness exam, our doctors will check your pet's teeth and assess whether a dental makes sense.

4 Paws Pet Hospital offers 2 type of dentals. First is anesthesia dentals.  This includes full mouth dental x-rays, a thorough oral exam looking above and below the gum line, removing tartar, polishing the teeth and a flouride treatment.  4 Paws Pet Hospital is one of the few veterinary clinics in Albuquerque to have dental x-ray.

The second type is non-anesthesia dentals.  3 times a year, we have a dental technician come in to perform these dentals. While these dentals do not replace what can be done with a full anesthesia dental, they are very suitable for pets where the risk of anesthesia is too great.

Not only will a dental help with tooth and gum health, but it helps with overall health as mouth bacteria can enter into the bloodstream causing heart, liver and kidney issues.

Give your pet a bright smile and fresh breath today!

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