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Having your pet vaccinated is one of the easiest ways to help your pet live a long life.  There are vaccines for many diseases and depending on the type, they are either injected, taken orally or even nasally.  The most common vaccines are for rabies, distemper and parvo. If you board your pet, the boarder may require a bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine. 

When your pet is young it is important to get them a series of booster vaccines to make sure their immune system is ready to face the world.

Microchipping is a great safety net in the event that you and your pet become separated.  If someone takes your lost pet to any organization with a microchip scanner, they can find you! Be sure to update your contact information if it changes. Believe it or not, microchips are injected through a heavy gauge needle, and a microchip placed at 4 Paws Pet Hospital will come with lifetime registration.